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Strawberry Banana Frozen Yogurt

One of the most frequent after-dinner desserts we as a family grab is frozen yogurt. For those times ice cream and pancakes feel a tad much, we opt for this supposed healthy and guilt-free treat. Although I still consider store-bought frozen yogurt a treat because hey, there are few things that taste that good I’d […]

Breakfast Scones for Christmas Morning!

I like it simple. I go for the basics. Unless we’re talking about cable subscription. But with food recipes, even though I enjoy experimenting with crazy blends (consequently, making more mess than I like to admit and frequently coming up with unearthly, at times edible food), I try to keep things stress-free in the kitchen. When […]

Martabak Rosmi

Where should I start? How could I begin to illustrate and rationalize the complexity and integrity of this one sweet thing? I’ll start with a fun fact, or confession you might say. On time I ate one whole box of this medley of chocolate, peanut, cheese, sweetened condensed milk, butter, butter, and butter, all by […]

Ice Cream Fun Facts

​I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream. A famous comedic chant from the 1986 Jarmush drama “Down by Law” telling the story of three different men in a Louisiana prison and their journey. My point being, who doesn’t love ice cream?? Now, here are some fun facts you may or may not […]

Hong Tang: Sweet Poetry for the Palate

In Mandarin, hong means red, and tang sugar. Hong tang, red sugar, then is definitely an appropriate name for this sweets joint, although their less literal translation is sweet poetry. Recommended to me by a friend, Hong Tang turned out to be a pleasant experience. If you’re into Asian traditional desserts like mochi, ice kacang, and soup-based desserts, give Hong Tang […]