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Kallista Tea Rooms

Scones are delightful things. Whether it’s the American or British style, I love them both for any time of day—breakfast, supper, as a snack, and preferably toasted and warm. Flaky on the outside, soft on the inside, scones make for great guest treats too. If you’re used to the American kind, which not surprisingly contains […]

Juicy Bao

Anywhere we travel it’s impossible to miss Chinese food. And in between the sandwiches and steaks, we were in for some noodles and dumplings. Juicy Bao was recommended to us by a local friend, and it made for the perfect lunch spot while we window-shopped around Chinatown in downtown Melbourne. Because it was a late […]


/Zucchini Fritters with poached eggs, mushrooms, beetroot relish, dressed rockets, and pea tendrils/ Our first deed upon arriving in Melbourne: breakfast. I had heard so much about Tosaria from my parents and brother on their last trip, one among the many things I missed out on. On this visit, we are generously hosted by two […]

Bakmi Ayam Sido Laris

Hands down one of my favorite bakmi ayam in Jakarta! The thin and curly noodles are cooked very al dente, chewy, and when topped with the minced pork, and a few generous spoonfuls of hot sauce, become pure happiness. As if that doesn’t make me happy enough, the bakso goreng, swekiau, siomay, and occasionally, a second bowl of noodles, just […]

Savour 2013

SAVOUR is an annual weekend-long food event in Singapore. Its creators claim that the SAVOUR concept remains the only one of its kind in Singapore: a relentless pursuit to unite the best in food and drink with a wide range of unique activities that is accessible to all. SAVOUR 2012 brought together over 14,000 like-minded food […]

Rumah Makan Ujung Pandang

If you love seafood and have never been to Makassar, you are missing out. I’ve been there only once myself, but the 2-day jaunt was enough to capture my unwavering heart for good eats (not to mention cheap eats)! All I remember of this trip was the volume and frequency of our repasts. Within 40 […]

In-N-Out Burger Saga in Jakarta

By now you must’ve heard about the IN-N-OUT Burger hype in Jakarta today. Not surprisingly, this news invited many oohs and aahs, and also skepticism. I felt both. While I didn’t mind having a nostalgic bite of this burger, I questioned its taste and quality. I knew that if I wanted to get it, I’d […]

Caliente: Saucily Mexican!

In Spanish, caliente means a range of descriptives including hot, warm, heated, spirited, urgent, and so on. The combination of these words signify another mix of descriptives like high temperature, spicy, piquant, alive, with love, affectionate, ardent, animated, energetic, and so on. On my recent post on Taco Local, I lamented the dearth of decent Mexican eats in […]