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Le Café Gourmand

I know I’m a little late on the train to Le Café Gourmand, despite having passed by it countless times. This Saturday morning I finally decided to temporarily brush aside my qualms about cute, fancy places. The first thing that surprised me was the size of the café. Somehow I always pictured it to be bigger and with more […]

Fitzroy: A Taste of Melbourne in Jakarta

For those of you who lived, grew up in, or at least have visited Melbourne, the name Fitzroy would surely ring a bell. But for the rest who haven’t (me included), this place gives you a little taste of the city. Fitzroy is the city’s mecca of all things artsy, creative, bohemian, quirky–a lively scene filled with […]

The Holy Crab

What could better than crab? A holy crab! Just kidding, I’d still be here if it were “The Vile Crab.” The Holy Crab is perhaps the single hottest joint in town these days. Everyone seems to be competitively posting Instagram after Instagram of the obligatory “check out this fat crab claw I have in my hand” or “here’s […]