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Namphou Coffee

Day or night, one of us always needed coffee (it’s never me). This morning, what I did need was more noodles for breakfast! Namphou/Nanphou Coffee (still not sure which is the correct spelling) was just the place we needed for our early morning juice. A humble shophouse, Namphou Coffee serves noodles Chinese-style with 3-layered pork (*happy screams*), to be enjoyed with youtiao or cakwe, and of course, a cup of solid, hot coffee. A bowl of noodle cost in the range of 15.000 – 30.000 Kip (USD1.86 – 3.73). Talk about cheap eats! And good eats too! The broth was a savory dark brown, and the 3-layered pork, as you probably imagine, was glorious – still crunchy, even in the soup. Overall, we had a happy breakfast, as we did yesterday at Pho Zap. The coffee, mixed in with sweetened condensed milk, was delightful too! Glorious is spelled P-O-R-K. Saving the best for last! NAMPHOU COFFEE Rue Pangkham Vientiane Laos HOURS Mon – Sun: 6 AM – 10 PM  

Butao Ramen

What better way to do after a fatiguing day of sightseeing and shopping than to fill ourselves up with nutrition for the body and mind? Butao Ramen is a narrow, teeny, and tucked up ramen shop in Hong Kong’s Causeway Bay area, recommended to me by a friend. When we got there, it was just right around dinner time, and I was worried we wouldn’t get a seat, seeing how few tables the joint fit. Luckily, we got one right away. Finding space to set our shopping bags proved challenging. And I almost knocked someone’s head with my elbow while trying to snap a photo at the table. Almost, thankfully. Otherwise I’d probably owe him an extra bowl. Anyone who’s met me at least once would tell you I’m crazy about noodles, and ramen is no exception. So when I got a ramen recommendation, I didn’t need to think twice. At Butao, ramen lovers can choose from 4 different soups: Butao King (the original signature tonkotsu pork broth), Black King (a strong black sauce made of garlic and squid ink), Red …

Bakmi Ayam Sido Laris

Hands down one of my favorite bakmi ayam in Jakarta! The thin and curly noodles are cooked very al dente, chewy, and when topped with the minced pork, and a few generous spoonfuls of hot sauce, become pure happiness. As if that doesn’t make me happy enough, the bakso goreng, swekiau, siomay, and occasionally, a second bowl of noodles, just complete the party! Sido Laris is open only in the evening until late night–perfect for dinner and/or supper. I know everyone has a favorite noodle place somewhere, and this is definitely on my top 5 most favorite in town. Writing about it doesn’t do the food justice. Do yourself a favor and get to it! Otak-otak (Fishcake) Bakso Goreng (Fried Shrimp Meatballs) Swekiau Kuah (Dumpling Soup) Bakmi Babi (Pork Noodles) | 16K​ ​Choice of meat toppings: chicken/pork/mixed BAKMI AYAM SIDO LARIS Jl. Sunter Agung, Kompleks STS (Next to Holland Bakery) Jakarta Utara T. (021) 98498405 HOURS Mon – Sun: 6 PM – 11 PM