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The Holy Crab

What could better than crab? A holy crab! Just kidding, I’d still be here if it were “The Vile Crab.” The Holy Crab is perhaps the single hottest joint in town these days. Everyone seems to be competitively posting Instagram after Instagram of the obligatory “check out this fat crab claw I have in my hand” or “here’s […]

Rumah Makan Ujung Pandang

If you love seafood and have never been to Makassar, you are missing out. I’ve been there only once myself, but the 2-day jaunt was enough to capture my unwavering heart for good eats (not to mention cheap eats)! All I remember of this trip was the volume and frequency of our repasts. Within 40 […]

Loobie: Comic Crustacean Craze

The craze for seafood is all over Jakarta. Fortunately for those in the North, seafood restaurants are plenty, while for the rest in the South, not so much. But worry no more, for Loobie has opened its doors to all crustacean lovers. When I think of seafood, I think saucy, messy, and satisfying. It’s definitely […]