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Bakmi Ayam Sido Laris

Hands down one of my favorite bakmi ayam in Jakarta! The thin and curly noodles are cooked very al dente, chewy, and when topped with the minced pork, and a few generous spoonfuls of hot sauce, become pure happiness. As if that doesn’t make me happy enough, the bakso goreng, swekiau, siomay, and occasionally, a second bowl of noodles, just complete the party! Sido Laris is open only in the evening until late night–perfect for dinner and/or supper. I know everyone has a favorite noodle place somewhere, and this is definitely on my top 5 most favorite in town. Writing about it doesn’t do the food justice. Do yourself a favor and get to it! Otak-otak (Fishcake) Bakso Goreng (Fried Shrimp Meatballs) Swekiau Kuah (Dumpling Soup) Bakmi Babi (Pork Noodles) | 16K​ ​Choice of meat toppings: chicken/pork/mixed BAKMI AYAM SIDO LARIS Jl. Sunter Agung, Kompleks STS (Next to Holland Bakery) Jakarta Utara T. (021) 98498405 HOURS Mon – Sun: 6 PM – 11 PM