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Baconerie: Praise the Lord, Bacon Be Thy Name

Praise the Lord. It is Christmas season after all. Bacon Be Thy Name. Christmas. Bacon. Christmas and Bacon. Why not? Bacon goes with Christmas. Bacon goes with everything! And what say we but Amen to this neighborhood café dedicated to everyone’s favorite protein? Baconerie, despite being the new kid on the block, has quickly become a favorite of […]

Le Café Gourmand

I know I’m a little late on the train to Le Café Gourmand, despite having passed by it countless times. This Saturday morning I finally decided to temporarily brush aside my qualms about cute, fancy places. The first thing that surprised me was the size of the café. Somehow I always pictured it to be bigger and with more […]

Blue Monkey

If you’re not quite familiar with the Foundry 8 quarter, you may have passed by Blue Monkey without noticing it (housed on the second floor of Kei and Chopstix – open 24 hours). Located within the same complex as Wilshire, just to the left of Empirica, Blue Monkey serves a medley of Western, mainly Italian, […]

Bobobobo & Friends Gathering at Kogi Kogi

At last night’s lively menu preview event co-hosted by Kogi Kogi and Bobobobo, I met lots of lovely and food-adoring people. Korean food lovers – take heed! Kogi Kogi, literally meaning “meat meat,” offers a brand new dining concept clear of the conventional mammoth exhaust pipes! Yes, BBQ is still the star of the show, but even better–it’s […]

Parc 19

Kemang is a harbor for many things, but first and foremost and for our purposes, nourishment. Located behind Colony, across from Umbra, and next to Beer Brother, Parc 19 serves up a little bit of everything – mainly local Indonesian and Western food. While working on a new menu, the lovely Cici was eager for me to […]

Biztro Graffiti

Coming to Biztro Graffiti? Better come on time. All the clocks on the wall will be watching you. Spurred by the urban surroundings of Jakarta, Graffiti brings you an international feast in a thoughtfully and uniquely furbished restaurant, complete with al fresco dining areas. Housed within Mercure Hotel in Simatupang, this bistro gets especially busy […]


Wilshire, inspired by the famous boulevard in Los Angeles, is housed within Foundry No. 8 in Jakarta’s swarming SCBD. The restaurant brings a taste of the city, a place to reminisce, and a spot for gastronomical sighting. Owned by the young and fab Dolly Chia, a graduate of Le Cordon Bleu with an apparent love […]