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/coastal drive on Grand Pacific Drive/ Call me countrified, but the only images I’ve had of Sydney were either painted on canvases or printed on postcards. While we initially only planned to visit Melbourne, I proposed driving to Sydney since it’s only about 9 hours away by car. The perfect weather made for delightful walks in the city and through parks. We caught a matinée featuring the Australian Chamber Orchestra at the Opera House and wandered through the Royal Botanical Gardens. On our drive back heading for Melbourne, we cruised by the coast and stopped by for some gelato. In the evening we even spotted a fox! /late-night pancakes at Pancakes on the Rocks/ Note: the chocolate pancakes, which were really more like brownies (go ahead, multiply the guilt), were to die for. /striking plum carpet at the Sydney Opera House/ /passing through the Sydney Conservatorium/ /St. Mary’s Cathedral/ /nut-cracking at a nut farm/ /berry pie and pancakes at a berry farm/