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Dongtai Road: An Anything-and-Everything Kind of Antiques Market

Among the myriad of things to do in Shanghai, visiting Dongtai Road should be one of them.

Rows and rows and stretches of stretches of shops selling antiques are a feast to the hungry eyes.

Even if you’re not a fan of antique objects, the experience of window shopping is quite pleasant.

And just like at any antiques market, you’ll find items that are genuinely archaic, as you’ll come across others that have been reproduced to look antique.

Antiques savants would be able to tell the difference and likely be radically selective. But knowing that many supposed “vintage” items aren’t 100% “original,” if I like something I’d get it.

Of course authenticity is always a plus, but it’s not like I’m buying to sell or auction.

Dongtai Road

At the market, you’ll find the most random and odd objects – anything from bigger items like furniture, kitchen ware, television, and other household items to tiny trinkets like a hat, lighter, watch, and jewelry. If you really were scouting, I’d say plan to spend 2 – 3 hours as there are what seemed to be an endless row of shops.

Dongtai Road

Dongtai Road

Dongtai Road

Just when you think the end of the road is near, you’ll reach a carrefour leading to more rows of shops.

Dongtai Road

Dongtai Road

Dongtai Road

Because the roads are quite wide, there’s ample space for everyone. So, even though Dongtai Road is visited mostly by tourists, don’t worry about rubbing elbows and shoulders with other visitors. While we finally did not buy anything at the market, the afternoon stroll was pleasant.

Dongtai Lu, near Zizhong Lu, Huangpu district
黄浦区东台路, 近自忠路

Mon – Sun: 9 AM – 5 PM



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