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/exploring the woods and sampling local mineral waters at Hepburn Springs/

Over the past ten days, we’ve made our way from Melbourne to Sydney through notably Albury and Canberra, and back to Melbourne, our final stop from where we’d fly back home. R and I don’t remember the last time we went away on such a long vacation and we were glad to squeeze Australia in before the baby’s arrival. My highlight of the trip is easily the time we spent outdoors in the nature admiring the beautiful flowers and foliage, smelling fresh lemon trees, and noticing the strange, amusing things animals do in their natural habitat.

On our very last day we spent the afternoon at a winery just a little outside of the city, with red wine (sadly none for me) and cheese and crackers. Brie is my absolute favorite, but I had just a taste since I couldn’t have much while pregnant. At our last dinner, we were served kangaroo steak at Tosaria cooked in three different ways with three difference sauces. It was my first taste of the marsupial and although I felt a little bad picturing a furry, innocent one hopping around in glee, I quite enjoyed its meat. It’s just like beef, except overcooked, tougher, and much leaner and denser.

We capped off the night with some homemade brownies (what else would you otherwise sensibly have late at night?). Our trip home the next day felt swift and we were back by the end of the day.

Here are more moments from our time in the city, in addition to those I posted on Seven Things. Travel to Australia: checked off the list.


/dinner at I Love Dumplings/


/morning backyard stroll/


/sweet things at The Convent, a 19th-century convent turned gallery in Daylesford/


/Luna sniffing for cookie crumbs in my bag/


/stunning red foliage/


/silver leaves/


/my 23-week bump/


/wine, cheese, and crackers at De Bortoli Wines/


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