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New Year’s Eve in Hong Kong: Day 5

We fly back today.

On the one hand I hate saying goodbye to vacations, but on the other, I was looking forward to work!

We all agreed 5 days on this trip was just nice. Our last hours at the hotel was spent packing and getting ready to catch our 3 o’clock flight in the afternoon.

Luckily we got to the airport a little too early, so there was time to…you know what. 

In the food court on the second floor before check-in, there was a whole lot of options to choose from: Chinese, Japanese, Thai, etc. Surely it didn’t feel right to sample just one variety.

So we went for it all!

The top picture is dan dan mian (noodle soup) and below are some pork ribs served with rice. Can’t go wrong with those.

NYE in Hong Kong Day 5

NYE in Hong Kong Day 5

From the Thai section – minced beef with long beans and basil served with a fried egg and rice. Very spicy and absolutely yummy!

NYE in Hong Kong Day 5

Katsu curry with veggies from the Japanese stall. Either I was famished or this was just goodness. Because it was deeeelish!

NYE in Hong Kong Day 5

And of course, some xiao long bao to share…

The next series are taken from Changi Airport, Singapore during our transit.

NYE in Hong Kong Day 5

Garlic naan with mutton curry. I’m crazy about Indian food so pretty much anything goes!

NYE in Hong Kong Day 5

Chicken murtabak with mint chutney.

NYE in Hong Kong Day 5

And finally our dear old friend, Subway! This one’s the subway melt.

NYE in Hong Kong Day 5

And lastly my long time loyal companion – the chicken and bacon ranch on honey oat. It’s good to see you again.

And that’s a wrap for this Hong Kong jaunt. ‘Till next time!

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