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The website and its content are continually in progress. What is accurate and true today may be different tomorrow (remember when Pluto was still a planet? Or the time when you thought the bidet was for defecating?). We try our best to write accurately to the best of our knowledge. It’s human nature to change our minds over time (we promise we are humans). We all try our best, right? If you spot inaccuracy in our content, feel free to let us know. We do not think our content is in any way any kind of final authority anyone should fear or have nightmares about. We do try to keep things light.


Any advice or recommendations we give are based on our opinion. When in doubt, please seek the help of a professional in question. For example, if you have diabetes but are so tempted by our chocolate chip cookie recipe, and you go ahead and make them and eat them all, causing your blood sugar to spike, we don’t think we or anyone else should be responsible for it. And we’re not.


When we started out, we never thought of making money off of our writing on this website. Then when it came time to pay for hosting, renew the domain, and beautify the site, we realized our cookie money was quickly slashing. But coincidentally, people started asking us to do reviews of their products/services in the form of advertising and advertorials.

We are against paid reviews or recommendations disguised as personal opinion. If we write about something we like, it’s because we have tried/used it in the past and liked it, and are wanting to share it with you. It’s not because someone paid us (in any form) to write good things about the product/service. That being said, we always welcome companies/sponsors who want to share their products/services with us. And if we like it, we will tell you. Regardless, we promise that anything we write here is our own honest opinion – whether or not compensation (in any form) is involved.

Note: All sponsored posts will always include a disclaimer at the end.


Discovering awesome products/services and sharing them with you is a big part of why we love what we do. As a product/service owner/manager, if and when you invite us or request us to write about your product/service, you are by default opening up to our comments and feedback and giving us consent to write about you, however we choose to, in our opinion. Because our content is our opinion, there’s no such thing as right or wrong. We like being positive, but we also believe in constructive criticism and helpful feedback. What we write is never intended to hurt your feelings. They are intended to edify, inform, and update. We are, after all, in the business of “share and tell.”


Feel free to agree, disagree, or agree to disagree with us. Comments are welcome because we love hearing from you! But sometimes our readers get overly excited that they post something less than nice. In this case, we reserve the right to edit or delete such comments submitted to this website without notice due to:

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Occasionally we would post a link to other websites, usually something we find interesting or useful for you. But please remember that we are in no way responsible for what is at the other end of that link. Sometimes links or websites change over time, and we do not control what changes when. We will not intentionally post links that may be offensive, but we cannot know for certain or guarantee that content generated by other websites will not offend you. For example, if you click on a link that shows a grueling GIF of a cat biting its nails and getting diarrhea, and as a result causing you to lose your appetite, it is likely not our intent to cause you to lose your appetite. If you are not sure whether something may offend you, feel free to not click on the link.

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