[ C O P Y W R I T I N G ]

We know what it feels like when no one gets you or your ideas. But we are here to save the day (in a way)! We’ll shower your ideas with more attention than you can expect from your other half, mother, pet, or donut. We’ll work with what you have–whether it’s a finished project that needs a tweak here and there or a blank canvas waiting to be painted–to shape your concept, set your idea into motion, and most importantly, tell your story.

Writing may not be your thing, but it is definitely our thing. It’s what we do, all day, all night (except when we go to sleep). You have the idea and we have the know-how. You give us nouns and verbs, and we give you polish and sparkle. We’re in the business of smoothing, touching up, and fine-tuning–so you can be in yours, whatever it is you do. What you see as hang-up, we eat up like cookies. Let us deal with the details while you relax and have your tea (or beer).

s c o p e  o f  w o r k

m a r k e t i n g

advertisements / advertorials / articles / blogs / brochures / catchphrases / commercial scripts / corporate video scripts / email marketing / events / flyers / invitations / memorabilia / posters / press releases / social media / websites

b u s i n e s s

annual reports / business plans / catchphrases / company profiles / company slogans / contracts / emails / mottos / powerpoint presentation scripts / proposals / speeches / specialized reports / translations / websites

b r a n d i n g

company profiles / company slogans / catchphrases / corporate style guides / editorial guidelines / establishing brand tone of voice / mottos / packaging copy / product and brand name

c r e a t i v e  /  p e r s o n a l

biographies / blogs / college application essays / creative writing / curriculum vitae / events / ghostwriting / invitations / manuscript / memorabilia / personal statements / speeches / websites / wedding vows / other random writing projects

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