2019 MLB Season Win Totals Predictions

I love checking in on Major League Baseball season win totals as spring training is becoming rolling. It serves a few purposes. To begin with, it’s a great opportunity to think about each and every team and receive a sense of both what your expectations are and what the betting public is believing. Second, and more important, it’s a good exercise in humility. By checking back in August or so, you can remind yourself just how small you actually can understand about a staff before they’ve played and how quickly things can change. Some of the teams will perform just as we will expect them to. But others will probably be so far off these amounts that they’ll be nearly unrecognizable. Here’s a look Whatsoever of the numbers set at BetOnline right today:
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Arizona – over/under 74.5: This is only one of many groups on this list which seems to keep coming near relevance but really struggles to get over the hump. And this just is not going to be their year. I like the over, but since I like them to win about 78 games, not because I like them to become great.
Atlanta – o/u 86.5: I like the youth with this team, and they’ve done an adequate job of building on it. Odds would imply that they are the third-best team in the NL East. However, when I had to pick 1 team to win it, this would be it. It might just be sentimentality, but I like what they have happening. I like the above.
Baltimore – o/u 59.5: How pathetic is it the lowest number on the plank isn’t nearly low enough. This is going to be a horrifyingly bad team. Just awful. The under is solidly favored at -125, but even at that price it’s the ideal play.
Boston – o/u 94.5: ” I was convinced early on the Red Sox were going to win the AL East. However, since things have gone , I have changed my mind and think they will finish second behind the Yankees. I visit 95 wins, thus there isn’t any worth in this number. I’d take more than if I needed to.
Chicago Cubs – o/u 88.5: At this stage, I think one of 3 groups will win the NL Central, and they will take action with a win complete somewhere in the low 90s. The problem, however, is I can’t decide which team it’ll be. I like things about all three – Milwaukee less than others. The Cubs should bounce back to a disappointing end to an often-disappointing season, so I lean over.
Chicago White Sox – o/u 74.5: I’m disappointed that the White Sox could not get any traction with the large free agents, since I enjoy the upside here. They’ve been bad for a long time, but they’ve done a fantastic job of rebuilding the proper way. I really don’t believe that they will contend or anything, but I enjoy the above here.
Cincinnati – o/u 79.5: I am watching Reds play in Chicago this summer, so I would really like to allow them to be decent. It would result in a much better match. Butunfortunately, this feels like a generous number. Like, five or six wins generous in my eyes. I’ll all over the below here.
Cleveland – o/u 90.5: There are 13 men who were on the roster at the end of last year who aren’t now. Stunning turnover. But they’ve talent nevertheless, and the Central is a wreck so they get a boost out of that. In any other division I’d lean beneath, but I lean above.
Colorado – o/u 84.5: Last year this team was a pleasant surprise. There are just a few things harder than following up a year like that. However, I really like that they stepped up for Nolan Arenado, and have reasonable faith in the young pitchers. I am going over.
Detroit – o/u 68.5: When is the last time it felt just like the Tigers had a plan? It has been too long, and now they seem to be just treading water. They aren’t any good and don’t appear to be moving towards respectability with any urgency. I hate where this group is right now. Very easy under.
Houston – o/u 96.5: This is a big number. Scary large. However, the Astros are my pick to win it all this year, and there is so much explosiveness with this team. I need to discuss – if I like it or not.
Kansas City – o/u 69.5: The Royals show exactly how hard constructing a team is out of a massive sector. They gradually built, had their success, and they are only awful again – and it’s going to take a long while until that changes. Easy under.

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